30 Powerful Womens Recovery Memoirs To Inspire Your Own Journey

Thank you BioCorRx from the bottom of my heart, I really appreciate the help that you have given my wife and I. BioCorRx Recovery helped to get my wife well again. Without the help from Start Fresh Recovery I don’t think Daphne and I would be together today. The decision to reach out for help is hard, embarrassing, and extremely difficult. When I was introduced to Leo, he immediately took me under his care and has been devoted to my recovery ever since.

  • They gave me direction and guided me through the addiction.
  • I began hiding bottles in the garage and under the seat of my car so I always had access to alcohol.
  • I speak whenever I’m asked to and just do what I can.
  • And thank god I have this foundation and structure that’s keeping me afloat.
  • While we were dating, I kept the quantity of my alcohol and most of my substance use a secret from her.

Now I am successful, I am studying and stay on my own without people worrying if I am ok. This implant saved not only my life but dignity.

Inspirational Substance Abuse And Addiction Recovery Stories

Random breathalyzers, drug tests, and curfew checks ensures our sober living program provides a clean environment, where everyone is accountable for their recovery. Real Recovery is a nationally recognized and certified sober living residence with onsite certified recovery specialists that are active members of a 12-step program. Today, Mike is four years sober with a career, friends, and a beautiful new family. All thanks to putting in the work and having faith that the 12 steps would work. Today, he’s five years sober, happy, married, successful in life, and a pillar in our recovery community. If you’re still unsure whether a sober life can be a fun and successful one, check out our guys’ success stories. You might find that you have something in common.

“I got in a fight with a cop at 16 years old. My first rehab was at 17, got kicked out of it after 10 days, then back in there 3 months later. I had 6 or 7 months sober, maybe even a little bit longer. As an industry professional JourneyPure has become one of my most trusted resources. Patient care and engagement are always top notch, and I know that I can always trust that the patient and their families will be in the best position to recover. Solid clinically, and more importantly these are good and genuinely caring people.

sober success stories

My life became the life I used to have before this horrible disease took control of everything in my life. Up to that point, I was full of regret and trying my hardest to keep that door shut! That was 21 years ago, and I have remained sober and active in Alcoholics Anonymous since the day I left Valley Hope. I began drinking again thinking I had it whipped. I did great for quite some time, it seemed.

The Sober Diaries: How One Woman Stopped Drinking And Started Living By Clare Pooley

I can honestly say that without LifeRing there is no way I would be sober today. I got myself sober with the help of the VA but LifeRing meetings are what have kept me going. The help, encouragement and support are fantastic. Convening meetings had given me even more confidence which in turn gives me the opportunity to help others.

sober success stories

The other reason I chose this program was the overwhelming success rate. It was the best decision that I have ever made. From the moment that I stepped foot in the clinic, the staff was first rate, professional, kind and understanding. Like much of the care at the VA, the doctors do not address the core issues but instead provide an incomplete treatment plan. Which this ironically helps start the addiction process for many veterans while we still live with the pain and mental issues.

Left Behind

People are laughing and it’s like a family here. The women and men are like my kids or my brothers and sisters. I found out not only do I have a higher power, but I also have a higher purpose. My pride and ego tell me not to do it because I want a persona; I want everyone to think I’m okay. People are scared to reach out and ask for help, and it’s killing them.

sober success stories

10 years of abuse tends to let you give that up. Now I will end up dead in a ditch but alive reaching for my dreams. I gave all of myself to the short- term programs and even did the follow up programs for extended care, but for some reason each time I felt like I was truly white knuckling every moment. My days were filled with the drive of wanting to use. Severe cravings and I didn’t understand why it kept getting worse. There wasn’t one day where the focus on working my program outweighed the feelings of wanting to use. The urge to use was stronger then everything I did and tried whole-heartedly in my 4 in-patient stays.

Recovery Speakers

I put the phrase “Stay the Course” on my Valley Hope cup. I look at my cup every day, count my blessings and thank my higher power and thank him for this wonderful journey I’m blessed to be a part of. Valley Hope was, and will forever be, the place that taught me accountability, gave me my life and my dreams. As I write this, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of a facility that gave me hope.

He says landing a role on American Idol also helped him into recovery. Drew Barrymore is well known for her struggles with addiction. Barrymore was first introduced to drugs at the age of nine when her mother brought her to legendary New York nightclub, Studio 54. She identified as a ‘party girl’ at the age of eight.

“It’s so weird how it is now,” he admitted. “It’s not as hard as it used to be.” Felix was also madly in love — with his girlfriend, Margot.

My Loved One Is Looking For Sober Living

The biggest surprise was that I’m not always going to be judged by a slip or relapse. Although I’ve made mistakes in the past, I am able to share that experience and strength with others. People can attest to the miracles that places like Valley Hope have to offer. I support others in recovery by showing up to meetings, being a sponsor, and taking on roles in AA.

Jessica seemed to have it all as a successful DJ living in Los Angeles working at the hottest Hollywood parties and nightclubs. On the inside, though, she found herself using alcohol to mask the depression and anxiety she was dealing with in her everyday life. Inspired by her own sobriety, she started A Sober Girls Guide for other women in recovery.

This prompted her to enter a residential treatment program. For Kate, 12-step programs are vital to her recovery. She says she finds huge therapeutic value in sharing https://ecosoberhouse.com/ stories with other people in the same situation. These stories of overcoming addiction detail the lives of everyday Americans with very unique journeys of recovery.

  • I was fortunately able to get a loan and had family assist with helping me to pay for this program which I am very blessed to have this as an option.
  • RR is an instrumental part of my recovery.
  • House managers are also super involved, go to the same meetings and know what is going on with the clients.
  • Before driving to Valley Hope, I was on the verge of losing my wife and two children due to a heavy alcohol/cocaine addiction.

It has brought me closer to my higher power, my children, and family. In meetings, I’m not at a point in my recovery yet to do much more.

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The people on the list presented me with a sane, logical, no-nonsense, no-excuses brand of sobriety. They clearly communicated the facts of sober life and convinced me that I possessed the resources to live a life of permanent freedom from alcohol. “After moving from Texas to Florida at age 15, I was naturally searching for new friends. Drinking seemed to be my ticket into the ‘cool kids’ crew. Mixed with just the right amount of curiosity and boredom, this quickly led tobinge drinkingand using harder drugs. By the time I was 21, I was addicted to alcohol and cocaine.

If you were looking for amazing stories of redemption then you came to the right place! Welcome to our sober success stories blog page.

John turned to drugs and alcohol to bury his emotions. The 33-year-old smoked crack every day for a year and nearly died from a coke overdose. He couldn’t work, lost his home, and was on a suicide mission.

My hands would sweat so much that I could barely don sterile gloves. I was fortunate at that time to primarily be supervising three highly skilled fellows training in our practice any involvement on my part. I couldn’t wait for the workday to end so I could get to my car and have a good dose of alcohol from the bottle under the seat. Allen’s story of being a young woman in a teenage marriage that eventually runs away to Cincinnati, where she begins the destructive pattern of weekend partying and drinking, is a powerful tale.

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